All Rights Reserved Photographs © Copyright Christopher Ransom  2019

From the ever-changing world around us, the humble yet powerful ability to create a solitary record of the present, in dimensions of both time and space I often find to touch upon nothing short of the miraculous. A carefully recorded instant offers the potential to divinely reveal something that is truly novel in form and content and, at times, might substantially transcend all constituent components.

This remarkable power of keen depiction naturally occurs within a very specific and compelling context. Within the photographic process innately there resides an intrinsic rhythm and grace: Unique ingredients of frame, lens, light and chemistry all make possible the articulation of precise visual description.

Quest: How can we be truly responsive to the world around us and to what lies briefly before the lens, without bringing preconceived notions to the unique, elemental components that may comprise a particular scene or framed selection? If handled skillfully, the camera harbors the capacity and unique opportunity of fostering new meaning and poetic beauty in the reinterpretation of the world. In my case; mystery, intimacy and subtle echos of the spiritual are fundamental to that which I seek to bring to light.

To properly honor this dynamic practice; being open and earnest, to yourself and to the medium–listening, becomes a most important attribute. This honest examination indeed fosters and informs a singular, particular path to discovery and consequent personal development.

These are the essential concerns to which I am devoted, and it is within this arena that I joyfully and faithfully participate.