Ascension: Water

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Ants in the pants.

Periodically, my dear wife Patty and I eagerly go on a long-awaited vacation. Over the years I have noticed that it typically takes a good while for me to settle into the notion of relaxing. This series began during one of those such times.

One memorable peaceful afternoon, while sitting poolside attentively watching Patty softly wade in the calm warm water; the acute angle of the subsiding sun promptly began igniting the most remarkable impressions on the active surface and emotional depths of this ever-energetic limpid medium. Her leisurely movements inevitably producing endlessly intriguing, ever-fluid distortions of her figure and more subtly, to the deep shadows below. After some initial photographs made with the ever-present iPhone, I quickly ran up to our adjacent hotel room to fetch a more fitting camera with which to spiritedly continue.

It has been stated that the universal is often born directly from the most personal and intimate of potential sources: From a simple, humble cradle origin, the profound may naturally come to light.

Extra-special thanks to my dear Patty for her love, gentle patience and support. For her substantial contribution to my creative inspiration, now and forevermore, I express my heartfelt gratitude.

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