Challenge Series

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One of the bright divine powers of photography is its extraordinary ability to effect remarkable transformation.

The camera lens, backed by the unique processes that only this singular medium may graciously confer, brings into play the distinct possibility of such poetic interpretation. This holds true for both the most monumental of subjects and to that of the more sedate or staid as well. With disciplined technical practice, sprinkled with an engaging dash of divine inspiration, one is offered this purely photographic metamorphic opportunity.

In this series the special challenge has been to meaningfully transform what initially appears, at first blush to be the most unlikely of potential sources. In many cases I have found these indistinct locations to reside near routinely traveled local areas or have simply been part and parcel of our collective environment for a long time. As such they naturally come to be known and with this, ironically tend to become less apparent, dormant and no longer really seen.

It is precisely here, however, in these humble, forgotten, reserved places that I began to investigate what might be possible.

40 Photographs

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