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During the summer of 2013, a significant amount commercial development was occurring in our local area. Part of this economic expansion featured a small shopping center with related fast-food offerings. This very active construction site happened to fall mid-way in one of the walk routes upon which Patty and I would frequently venture.

As the initial excavation work increased in intensity (often spilling over onto the sidewalks) rich contrasts existing between the freshly incised, somber red clay soil pitted against the bright precision of synthetic materials intended to define specific mapping plans became clearly evident.

Each of our successive walks brought forth increasing intrigue. To that end, once all of the prime crews had voluntarily left for the day, I promptly began to conduct a series of independent investigations of these robust contrasts. With each visit, bold configurations of extremely active geometric patterns were revealed, often defined by rich light and deep shadows.

My concerted mission was to accurately describe these rich contrasts and unusual juxtapositions.

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